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What we do

Cilents come ST Group with SAP-related questions and problems. We offer solutions and consulting from the basic to the most advanced levels.

SAP solution architect

Accounting, controlling, SAP basis, HR, sales distribution, material management, production planning, SAP security

Our clients

ST Group provides assistance for all kinds of clients ranging from startups to multinational companies. We handle all requests with the same respect and attention, regardless of size.

ST Group means quality

We have years of experience in all fields of SAP related solutions. All of our employees are certified SAP experts and instructors. No matter how complicated or challenging a problem is, we take it as we would take our own. With us, your business is in safe hands.

Why choose
St Group?


We offer our services up to 30% cheaper then our Western European or American counterparts while our SAP experts have the same qualification and quality of work.


We offer a 6-month service guarantee for our projects and works including instructing and troubleshooting if required.


We offer not only flexible service pools but personalized price offers for larger projects as well.
If you require more than just SAP or ERP-related services our experts can quickly devise you a cheap, premium category solution for any projects involving data processing and management.

In your service

ERP solutions guided by professional hands

Business operations and customer relationships depend hugely on the proper use of SAP. The best sign of SAP working effortlessly behind the scenes is smoothly flowing business. However, when an issue arises, you need an expert SAP consultant immediately who can resolve problems efficiently and effectively.

Our SAP consultants are highly-skilled professionals experienced in one or more SAP modules. We work only with SAP veterans working full time with SAP for many years so your problem will be solved quickly and professionaly without charging you the high costs of hiring a full time employee.

SAP consulting

Implementation of SAP usually come with a lot of challanges. Before a successful SAP implementation a company must be prepared to change its business processes. Our SAP business consultants are experts in helping your company achieve this.

SAP Developing

SAP developers are usually employed in developing, testing and deploying new SAP modules and functions. They are also very useful in improving one or more existing SAP modules.

In addition to developing our team is eager to help you in terms of investment, quality, sales and project management. We also offer help in the fields of controlling, financial management, accounting, human capital management, training new employees or furthering the knowledge of your experts.

for your success

Professional SAP Solutions

Did you know that the total price of a project is hugely (more than 30%) affected by the initial planning?

Our experts can help you to devise, plan and create an efficent system for all the requirements you might have.

We also take care of your financial planning, HR-management and data-related questions like Big Data analysis, database planning, communication management, controlling and project management.

Analyzing business needs

Like SAP, many ERP solutions are planned for longer terms. We have years of experience in devising manageable and adaptible answers for your needs.

Discover how fast and how large you can grow by incorporating powerful SAP-solutions to your management system. With ST Group, your management will flourish while your expenses will be kept in the minimal level.


Whether it is material, project, financial, investment or supply chain management we are ready to help you.

Create new solutions with ease never experienced before. If you want to manage your SAP-enhanced business at the optimal level, ST Group will take you there.

We are not only developers and managers but teachers as well. We can instruct not only managers and employees but your middle level managers too.
If you have any problem or questions you can turn to us anytime.

We accelerate your business workflow, eliminate all possible errors and raise your company to the next level:
 – by employing the latest technologies and practices:

including big data analysis
Advance with us and see how much more your company is capable of.
Build high level ERP-solutions using SAP managed by ST Group experts and see the increase of your profit in no time. Our SAP solutions architects ensure technical consistency while personalizing their services to fit your needs.

We are digital enablers

We provide our talent as it would be yours. We offer not only help but detailed analysis and instructions for the solution we have prepared for you.

Our team will not only create the SAP solution you need but will educate you, your colleagues and employees about the use of it.

We attend and hold seminars on a regular basis about using the newest methods and solutions of SAP, e.g. S/4 HANA.
Our project managers are not only experienced in complex projects but will show you how to be efficent with cutting edge technology.

With ST Group your requests are in good hands.


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Tel: +36 30 777 1818

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